Saxonburg, Pennsylvania


About Armstrong Farms

The Allen Family in 2010

The Allen Family in 2010

Armstrong Farms is an historically prominent 200-year-old family farm still operating a large purebred Black Angus cattle herd on a 1000 acres. Armstrong Farms is a designated Pennsylvania Century Farm, (presented by the Pa. Historical Museum Commission, the Governor of Pa. and the Secretary of Agriculture) in continuous family ownership since its acquisition in 1816, demonstrating a durability and love of the land that is the heritage of Pennsylvania. The farm is located only 45 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, in southeast Butler County 2 1/2 miles from the National Historic District of Saxonburg.  The Allens continue their farming heritage by managing one of the largest herds of purebred cattle in the Northeastern US.  Their venture into agritourism began as they neared the 21st century, by opening the farm as a bed and breakfast in 1996. The Andrew Room, in the Main Farm House dated 1816, was the first room and Drake’s Guest House, also located at the Main Farm, began the bed and breakfast.   By 2000, they had the opportunity to expand their agritourism by developing and opening the Westminster Preserve Farm Campus.   Westminster Preserve includes the Bonnie House, Love Cottage and the Westminster Barn. The newest additional locaions are the Alyson Anne Cottage and barn and Fieldstone barn and house. The growth of the inn has helped the Allens achieve their aim by allowing people to experience what farm life is all about.

The Pennsylvania bank barn at Westminster Preserve is a prime example of preservation efforts. Built in April,1862, the barn hosts weddings, corporate parties, and other social events. The 3.5 acre Love Pond remains a natural setting for unique and serene ceremonies. Surrounded by both natural habitat and manicured lawn, pasture, wetlands and woodlands, the deck/gazebo site provides a breath-taking and memorable experience.

Armstrong Farms has received numerous environmental stewardship awards including awards from the Pennsylvania Cattlemen’s Association and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Collaboration with Ducks Unlimited and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has enhanced the environment through wetland development, planting of tree seedlings and warm grassland establishment. These efforts have provided cover and nesting areas for many bird and animal species. The farm is now a demonstration farm for the Natural Resources Conservation District for rotational grazing.